Innovative solutions to help your team get things done.

UpendoTech offers you a range of software products and platforms aimed at making sure your team can get things done as efficiently as possible from anywhere in the world.

Our Approach to Doing Business

At Upendo Tech, our primary focus is on providing an ecosystem for tech start-ups and SME’s to thrive in the African market.We leverage on Technology, Techniques, Tools, and Transactions to foster growth for tech start-ups and SMEs. Through this four-pronged model of strategic offerings, we empower African Founders with Angel Investment, Customer Service-Focused Technology, Project Management skills, Business Strategy & Investment Acceleration as well as Transaction Support to achieve sustainable growth.

This structured approach delivers the essential tools and support startups need to maximize impact for their customers and communities. At Upendo Tech, we measure success based on the positive outcomes achieved by the innnovators we serve. We commit to being long-term partners invested in their user growth, revenue expansion, fundraising wins, and global market penetration. It is our privilege to equip startups with the technology, knowledge, and connections that bridge critical gaps on their journey to scale.

We believe Africa’s entrepreneurial talent, paired with our guidance and networks, can build viable companies that attain regional and global influence. By simplifying startups’ paths to investment and growth, we empower founders to fully capitalize on the continent’s immense possibilities.

Upendo Framework


Our Customer Service-Focused Technology offers Customer Relationship Management Software, Project Management Software, Service Desk Software, and AI Workflows that enhance team productivity. We enable teams to deliver better customer experiences, manage leads and sales pipelines, maximize productivity, efficiency, and scale.


Our 12-week Accelerator program has combined two methodologies which seek to unlock start value and sustainability through effective project management, technology integration, organisational structure, processes integration, funding and investment worthy preparedness through refining the value position, organization, economics & milestones. Through data centralisation, customer analytics and automation, start-ups and SME’s are tech-and-process-enabled for sustainability.


With over 50 years of combined experience building, funding, and scaling startups across Africa, our team comprises of African business leaders, legal experts, investment experts and engineers. We rely on our seasoned expertise to: Structure investment deals designed to catalyze the next phase of expansion for businesses. Handle investment negotiations to secure optimal terms for businesses. Meticulously draft transaction agreements and cap table documentation. Ensure the seamless closure of every funding deal to enable venture growth.


Through leveraging on our growth-focused technology, business owners and teams are equipped with data driven insights to enable growth and strategic decision making. Additionally, our Matchmaking capabilities are based on data-driven insights gathered from use of our various technologies, seek to connect tech startups with a broader network of funders and mentors. This ensures strategic alliances by enabling startups to meet and pitch to a curated network of investors and seasoned mentors.


Innovative solutions to help your team get things done.

UpendoTech offers you a range of software products and platforms aimed at making sure your team can get things done as efficiently as possible from anywhere in the world.

AI Workflow

Simple, automatically generated workflows that scale.

At the core of our offering is the revolutionary AI Workflow Automation platform. Imagine providing a “private banker” experience to every customer, regardless of scale. With AI Workflow Automation, you define the job description and actions, enable communication channels like WhatsApp, Email, and SMS, and our AI assistants are ready to serve. This powerful platform allows fast iteration, real-time collaboration, and integration with over 200 systems. See what the AI sees on the collaborative canvas as it leverages large language models, task integrations, fields, notifications and context flows to deliver seamless experiences.

Project Management

Keep your team organised, on track and informed.

Our Project Management platform has you covered with all the tools you need to manage projects of any size and type. It lets you keep all your projects organized in one place, so that all the team role players can stay on top of every detail. Our powerful workspace feature gives you the ability to collaborate with your team on any project, making it easy to get everyone on the same page.

Timesheets for staff to capture time, rate cards and billing to ensure you bill your clients accurately and efficiently. Manage time with To Do’s, Busy and Done tasks and easily analyse who is spending time doing what.

The extensive platform also features and intuitive Kanban Board, Wiki, Document Libraries, Discussion Boards and detailed Analytics.

Service Desk

A service desk platform that blends ease of use with power so that your team can keep on top of all queries.

Our comprehensive service desk helps you manage customer support tickets and incidents quickly and efficiently, so that you continue to provide the best customer service. Track your tickets with full email integration on inbound and outbound messages, manage your response and resolution SLA’s, categorise your tickets and integrate your tasks directly into the Project Management module.


Tracks sales, close more deals, win more business.

With its easy-to-use interface, Upendodesk makes it easy to keep track of and organise leads and deals, capture new client information and manage your sales pipeline. You’ll always know where your deals stand and can easily follow up with clients. With custom pipelines for your sales staff or branches, you can organise and keep track of critical information and log all your activity to ensure easy access to all relevant data.

No matter your business needs, we've got a solution for you...


You’re a freelancer and your time is limited. Being organised helps you to stay ahead of the game. UpendoDesk helps you maintain control of your small business and optimise your productivity and efficiency with a birds-eye view of your project workflows. You can easily track incoming leads so that you can close more deals, manage your time spent on projects and in meetings, and come the end of the month, billing is a breeze with UpendoDesk’s built-in billing features. It’s the tool every freelancer can’t do without.

Small to Medium Team

You’re managing a small to medium team of dedicated staff, but it’s hard to keep track of what everyone is working on, especially now that remote work has become the norm. You’re spending most of your time managing your business and staff, and not enough time doing the things you really enjoy. UpendoDesk helps small to medium teams automate their projects and team management processes, so they can spend more time in their zone of genius, doing the work that count.

Large Enterprise

You’re a large enterprise, managing many different kinds of business operations at once. What you need is one single dashboard where you can get a birds-eye-view of your company’s projects, so that you can monitor their progress and optimise efficiency and profit. UpendoDesk helps you to manage your projects, large teams, billing clients, complex sales processes, and an integrated help desk, all in one intuitive system. We can customise our software to meet the specific needs of your large organisation.

Getting Started

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