AI Workflow

At the core of our offering is the revolutionary AI Workflow Automation platform. Imagine providing a “private banker” experience to every customer, regardless of scale. With AI Workflow Automation, you define the job description and actions, enable communication channels like WhatsApp, Email, and SMS, and our AI assistants are ready to serve. This powerful platform allows fast iteration, real-time collaboration, and integration with over 200 systems. See what the AI sees on the collaborative canvas as it leverages large language models, task integrations, fields, notifications and context flows to deliver seamless experiences.

Imagine optimal efficiency at scale.

Intuitive AI-business tools

With a user-friendly interface, visually construct and perform processes seamlessly with the help of AI.

Imagine processes and people as one.

We understand the importance of keeping your existing processes in place, therefore we’ve built Stubber with this in mind, integrating directly into your suite of tools.

  • Asterisk

    - Click to dial anyone.
    - Save call recordings

  • Slack

    - Send and receive messages to users / channels

  • Teams

    - Send and receive messages to users / teams

  • Sheets

    - Add data to your Google Sheets
    - Read data into your processes

  • Email

    - Send emails and receive emails with attachements

  • SMS

    - Send single SMS's or in bulk - Run actions on SMS responses

Keeping your team informed creates a more efficient work environment.

Keeping your team up to date with the most relevant information for your projects is essential for collaboration and successful team work. It is important to ensure that everyone on the team is up to date with the latest information.