Project Management

Our intuitive project and team management system to help manage projects of any type and size with all the tools you need for all your team roles.

Powerful, feature rich and intuitive project management to help your team collaborate and succeed.

In workspace, your team has all the information at their fingertips.

In project management, it’s important to have all your project information in one place so that teams can easily access it and stay up to date. With workspace, teams can easily access project tasks, documents, Wiki pages and discussion boards. In short, workspace is an essential part of any project management toolkit.

As any good team player knows, having a to-do list is essential to keeping on top of your workload.

Having a dedicated Today screen for each team member is a great way to keep everyone on track and up to date with what needs to be done. Having all of the relevant information in one place makes it easy to see what needs to be done and keeps the workflow moving smoothly.

A stress-free way to track the hours you’ve worked and bill your client accordingly.

Timesheets are a simple yet powerful tool that make it easy to track your hours and link them to specific clients and projects. This makes billing quick and easy and ensures that you get paid for the work you do.

If you’re looking for a better way to manage your workflow, a Kanban Board may be the answer.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s crucial to have a workflow that is efficient and effective. That’s where a Kanban Board comes in. You can group your tasks by status, assignee or phase and move the tasks around, making it easy to see what needs to be done and who is responsible for each task. And because you can hide and show fields, you can customise the Kanban Board to suit your needs.

Viewing your tasks in a grid can help you stay organised and informed.

Take a look at your workflow from a different perspective with the grid view. In addition to the standard list view, you can now see your tasks in a grid. This makes it easy to show and hide columns, group by status, assignee or phase, and view your sprints and phases in a different way.

Understand how your team or project is performing.

Good data analytics is essential for any team that wants to be productive and successful. By understanding how your team is performing, you can determine whether you are on track and identify areas for improvement. Data analytics can also help you to understand what collaboration methods are working well and which ones could be improved.

Use the Wiki to share any data with your team.

You can create Wiki pages and folders, assign authorisations and ensure that any supporting data is right at your team’s fingertips. The Wiki is a great tool for keeping everyone on the same page with all the knowledge they need at a glance. Knowledge sharing couldn’t be simpler!

Uploading files to a project is now easier than ever.

Simply drag and drop the documents you want to share into the project space. You can preview PDFs and images by clicking on them, so there’s no need to download them first. This makes it easier for team members to work together on a project, as everyone can access the latest versions of all the documents in one place. So go ahead and give it a try – drag and drop your files into the project space to get started.

Keeping your team informed creates a more efficient work environment.

Keeping your team up to date with the most relevant information for your projects is essential for collaboration and successful team work. It is important to ensure that everyone on the team is up to date with the latest information.